Celtic Park looks set for its biggest attendance since the new stadium was built this evening after the question was put to Celtic’s supporter Liaison officer.

The game is a sell out, not uncommon at Celtic Park but there’s one massive difference – there’s no away support and no need for segregation of any kind.

In a normal Glasgow Derby, before The Rangers chucked their toys out the pram, there would be around 7k away supporters inside the stadium. The game would still be a sell out but there would be a massive gap put in place between the home and away support, taking out a lot of seats in the process.

Tonight, there will be nothing but Celtic fans in what looks like it will bring our biggest ever attendance since the new stadium was completed back in the 90s for a competitive match.

It will be interesting to hear the official attendance after the game tonight to see if it has been the case.

Celtic have the chance to go top of the league with a win over their Glasgow rival’s – it promises to be an eventful evening.


  1. I hope the whole partisan fans shout until hoarse, wave their flags, shout nice bile, sing lots of sea shanties too.

    Sevco and their directors and bench will leave the stadium of dreams, with their melted faces in bin bags. When the Hoops win. So here’s to the Bhoys in Green and White.

    Let’s lift the fuc&in roof off.


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