Gary MacKay-Steven has taken to Celtic beautifully. He genuinely seems excited and very happy to be here. Immersing himself in the club and being very kind towards the fans.

This was apparent again as he told this particular story from his travels to New York with teammate Stuart Armstrong.

“I went to New York with Stuart Armstrong for a few days at the start of the break. First day we were sitting in a coffee shop when a guy wearing a Celtic top walked past.

“He didn’t see us so we thought it would be funny if we went outside. I ran and caught up with him and said in an American accent: ‘Oh my God, are you a Celtic fan?’

“He turned around and was really surprised. He was shocked. It was a spur of the moment thing.”

‘We’d sat for about a second after we’d seen him walk past then I chased him and tapped him on the shoulder. It was the worst American accent ever. He was delighted to see us and we got a picture taken with him. I think he was definitely Scottish and was out on holiday. But it’s worldwide. You see people in Celtic kits anywhere you go. It was nice.”

Gary and Stuart have done well since joining the club from Dundee Utd in January. They look raring to go as the season is about to get going. With friendlies and Champions League qualifiers looming it’s up to everyone to hit the ground running.

Hail Hail Bhoys!


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