It appears there are very tight lips at Celtic Park ahead of what will be the most important decision the club has made in quite some time.

The appointment of Celtic’s next full time manager is absolutely pivotal as whoever takes over will likely be the man tasked with getting us to the ten.

If Celtic are sounding people out and working through their options at the moment, one thing is clear, the mainstream media know absolutely nothing.

Case and point, bookies have again installed Roberto Martinez as the second favourite after ‘reports’ overnight. This off the heels of yesterday’s Andres Villas Boas stories yesterday, and the Marco Rose link that turned out to be nothing more than speculation.

The reason it’s not getting out because it’s one man who will make the decision and it will be Peter Lawwell’s job to secure his target. Notoriously media shy Dermot Desmond is the man who will make the biggest call of his Celtic tenure as majority shareholder and he’s telling the press absolutely nothing.


  1. We shouldn’t tell the bastards anything at all.
    Whoever we appoint except Lenny will be linked every week with a job down south like Brendan was..
    The scum only want to know who it is so they can start writing p1sh about him.
    They should be a blackout
    The way they went after our captain last week was a feckin disgrace
    Feck them
    Hail Hail 🍀

  2. There is likely a blackout because there is nothing actually happening. Lennon will likely get the job. I’m still on the fence as to whether he is the man for the 10 or not. He is a Celtic fan at least which is a bonus but I don’t know if it’s a step back or not.

    My first thoughts is that if it’s Lennon there is no ambition from the board. No disrespect to Neil but he would attract the players like Brendan did. Put it this way… Would Dembele or Sinclair ever have pulled hoops on if Lennon was the one knocking on their door?



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