CELTIC pranksters have managed to catch a lot of the mainstream media out with a hoax Celtic top design claiming to be next season’s ‘leaked’ design.

Upon seeing it ourselves yesterday, we turned full Lee Wallace and grassed on the design telling our readers it was a fake not knowing the Celtic pranksters were out on the wind up at the time.

They tricked the Sun, Record and several prominent football sites by plastering the famous ‘Footheadlines.com‘ watermark over it before sending it out.

The design was clearly a fake and as we mentioned yesterday, it was designed on a template readily available online.

This didn’t stop the publications from running with the story and some were even crediting Footyheadlines for the piece without even going onto their site to confirm the jersey was a legitimate leak.

SunSport had to retract their earlier story and posted the following from FootyHeadlines.

“An image doing the rounds of a supposed ‘leaked Celtic shirt’ is doing the rounds on social media today.

“It features the famous Footy Headlines watermark, but it is nevertheless not the real deal.

“The ‘leaked’ Celtic 19-20 home kit has been mocked up by a prankster who added a Footy Headlines watermark to add credibility and fool people.”

Had they done their job right, they would have been able to quash the story before printing it.

Kudos to the Celtic pranksters.


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