We have all seen the video of Alfredo Morelos clearly elbowing a Dundee Utd player in the face. At the time, the referee inexplicably gave the striker a yellow card for the incident having seen it.

The player was today pulled up by the SFA for the incident and a hearing is set for Thursday.

Many people who know fine well what he did are claiming nothing can be done by the disciplinary panel because there referee seen it at the time.

However, Mail Sport chief Stephen McGowan was on hand to deliver a precedent set by Celtic and Aberdeen where Scott McKenna received a retrospective ban because the referee was unsure of the extent of the contact when dealing with it on the pitch.

The precedent has been set and it should be used. The video image of the incident tells the whole story.

This could be disciplinary chief Claire White’s last high profile case before she bows out of the role in January.


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