New COVID rules for football teams are set to come into play before the winter break in January.

Scottish Football’s Joint Response Group held a meeting with all of the premiership clubs on Thursday to discuss restrictions that may be imposed onto football clubs to try to combat the spread of COVID as the case numbers rise up and down the country. As cited by the Scotsman, a spokesperson for the JRG had this to say on the matter;

“Following a videoconference discussion tonight with Premiership clubs, the JRG will begin consultation on the potential strengthening of protocols between now and the winter break to reinforce Scottish football’s measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and the increased transmission of new variants.”

With 10 games postponed in England, only two top-flight teams in Scotland have had Covid outbreaks. Dundee United is confident they have contained their one and are set to play this weekend. St Mirren, the other club to have an outbreak, has stated that they are planning to fulfill their fixtures despite canceling training.

It seems COVID is going to be one of the bigger talking points in football over the next few weeks. There are many different viewpoints as to how it should be dealt with. The JRG is expected to give a further update before this weekend’s matches.


  1. You haven’t stopped talking about it in weeks.

    The extent of your scribbling on here for the past month consists of rehashing government statements.

    You should get a job Aaron working where you can write about a virus with a 98.8% recovery rate on an hourly basis.

    You are under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in your very being. Having thus become a mindless tool to push a narrative that you know absolutely nothing about.

    The site should be renamed Covid Is Here.


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