Scott brown has officially retired from football after 20 years in the game.

The Celtic legend has decided to pursue management in the coming years and recognised his playing days are behind him as he heads towards 37-years-old.

Broony has been an incredible servant to Celtic football club. Leading is to unprecedented domestic success.

Now that Scott has officially retired from the game, the Hoops have tonight claimed they will pay tribute to the former Celtic captain over the coming days.

As our editor pointed out on social media, Scott was part of the Aberdeen side that took 4 points off our rivals this season. The Hoops legend helping the bhoys from afar.

If we were Celtic, we’d be inviting Broony to title day and have him pass the trophy to Cal Mac on the day.

Brown’s dedication to Celtic over the years, his leadership and his temperament helped the club to so many famous results.

We can’t wait to see what he does in management but right now, we just have to pause and appreciate the former Celric captain .


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