It has been well documented that Celtic have agreed to participate in a tournament with their rivals during the World Cup international break. The Ibrox club does come off worse, with the advertisement directed towards Celtic, and it’s rumoured that the Parkhead club will earn more cash.

Celtic have announced that they will take part in one of the first matches in Sydney FC’s new stadium.

Despite the outrage about playing our biggest rivals in a friendly, Postecoglou remains excited for the tour, telling the Celtic FC website;

“As one of the world’s truly great clubs, Celtic enjoys such huge support globally and in Australia in particular, and I am sure our supporters there will be delighted to see the club play and I hope they will make Sydney green and white for this tournament.

“In November during the scheduled break in the season, the Sydney Super Cup tournament will be very useful for us from a footballing perspective, but will also allow us to engage with supporters who do not get the chance to see the Club in live action and hopefully, through our football, we will make many more new fans in the process.

“Celtic has enjoyed hugely successful visits to Australia previously to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and we’re sure that this year’s Sydney Super Cup will represent a similar opportunity for us.

“I have very fond memories of the Accor Stadium, of course, and we look forward to experiencing the fantastic new Sydney Football Stadium.

“Clearly, Australian football is in my blood and has been part of my life for so long. I will always have a huge interest in developments in football there and I am sure the tournament in November will also provide a real showcase for some great work being carried out by those in the game in Australia.”

The Sydney Football stadium is not yet opened and is still under construction. It’s said that the stadium will be completed mid-2022, so the summer months.

The panoramic views with seats close to the pitch haven’t come at a low cost, the suggests that the cost to construct was nearly £260 million.

Sydney FC will share the stadium with two rugby clubs, New South Wales Waratahs and Sydney Roosters.


  1. The ugly sisters of Scottish football, now want to play a friendly in the antipodean. Nothing wrong with that.
    The local cop shops can deal with that, give them the chance to try out their new fangled ‘Batton and Shield charges’.
    Best way to stop a fight, is don’t let it start.


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