CELTIC have offered their stadium up to be used as a vaccination centre to help the government roll out the programme as quick as possible.

What’s more, they offered this up in December with no fanfare on social media.

Such is the cesspit of Scottish football we saw one club offer up their stadium via Twitter and their supporters, for some reason, first thought was Celtic.

Why are Celtic not offering this too?

Well, we have and what’s more, we didn’t feel the need to make it public knowledge in some sort of back patting exercise.

We all must do our but and if both clubs can be of assistance in this matter, then great.

The government have yet to take Celtic up on their December offer but speaking to SunSport today, a club spokesperson let it be known they’re ready and waiting:

“We were pleased a number of weeks ago to offer Celtic Park to support in the vaccine effort.

“We have worked tirelessly to support those affected by the pandemic, with over £1million in support already distributed to people in need.

“Our Foundation staff have been working around the clock to deliver programmes with real and meaningful benefit. 

To date, 36,000 families and individuals have supported and we have delivered support to 10,000 pensioners and 7,000 homeless people who really need help.

“We also continue to work closely with the NHS and through a fantastic programme have delivered 11,000 meals to NHS frontline staff and have recently funded an important new mental health project to offer support to staff under enormous pressure.”

We’re almost at a year since we went into the first lockdown. It’s imperative we move as quick as possible to get the country and the world moving again.

This virus has taken its toll on everyone. We commend both clubs for reaching out.


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