Celtic have hit back very quickly at the suggestion they have broken the spirit of the pandemic rules set by the Scottish government.

The bhoys are off in Dubai after their weekend defeat to their Glasgow rivals after prearranging the trip.

Dubai is on the exempt list but the optics of players sitting poolside during a pandemic doesn’t sit right with a lot of right minded people.

However, the club have finally hit back at the suggestion they shouldn’t have gone and we get the impression they’re not just talking to the Scottish government in the statement below.

We can understand the club’s annoyance if the Scottish government were fully aware of this trip last month. It’s a bit rich to come out and publicly say anything about it if they’ve given Celtic permission to do so.

However, Celtic deciding to take this trip, even with permissions is a decision so detached from reality it’s incredible.


  1. Yes,the optics aren’t good and I can understand why so many are rightly sounding off about the clubs decision.Last year the break seemed to be the catalyst for a new lease of life on their return.No-one moaned about the rights or wrongs as the team came back for Dubai and thoroughly blootered sevco in every way possible.Not too many were moaning then!
    This season has dreadful for Celtic fans,most hoping for The TEN and getting severely dissatisfied when we can see the team fall apart on the pitch,granted,recently it has slightly improved but,the contrast is stark.
    I’m sure if we had beaten sevco there would be nowhere near the amount of fans moaning about the winter break.


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