Celtic has issued a comprehensive statement to season ticket holders via email detailing the suspension of 267 members of the ‘Green Brigade’ supporters’ club due to repeated safety concerns and non-compliance with ground regulations and the Rail Seating Safety Code of Conduct. The club has emphasised that the suspensions are not related to the display of Palestinian flags but rather to a series of behaviours that have caused safety issues over an extended period.

These actions, which have been communicated to the group multiple times, have not been adequately addressed by the ‘Green Brigade’ according to the club.

The club say they’ve taken a series of progressive steps to mitigate these concerns, which have included restricting non-matchday and matchday access and suspending away ticket privileges before moving to suspend the season tickets of those registered as part of the ‘Green Brigade’. The affected individuals were directly contacted and made aware of the potential consequences of their registration as part of this group.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Celtic v Atletico Madrid – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – October 25, 2023 Celtic’s Kyogo Furuhashi celebrates scoring their first goal as Celtic fans wave flags in support of Palestine amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

In response to these suspensions, Celtic is addressing individual requests from those wishing to dissociate from the ‘Green Brigade’, and is also processing other related communications from club members.

The club has also offered refunds for matches missed due to suspension and has also offered to cancel and refund season tickets on a pro-rata basis for those who remain suspended.

For upcoming matches, Celtic is offering free tickets to supporters who might not be able to attend due to financial constrictions. This means the club is likely to fill the standing section in the Green Brigade’s absence.

Celtic claims they remain open to dialogue and willing to engage with the ‘Green Brigade’ and other supporter groups to find a resolution that ensures safety compliance and respect for the rules of the stadium.

The group has denied most wrongdoing and continues to put their suspension down to their support of Palestine above anything else Celtic say. This would appear to be the impasse.


  1. You go to a venue, a pub, the cinema, a music concert etc and don’t abide by the rules of that place you’ll be kicked out and possibly charged, it’s the exact same thing going to Celtic Park.

    The club needs to look after itself as a business first and foremost or it could lose operating licence’s and other revenue streams.

  2. Far too soft yet again from the club.

    Why are they still willing to engage with a group who have no interest in Celtic and have shown again & again that they are incapable of behaving themselves.

    Just announce permanent bans and get rid for good.

  3. I wish the Celtic board would take on UEFA’S double standards, and stand up for Celtic football club in other areas too, rather than picking a fight with its own fanbase in the Green Brigade. Typical stupidity from the Celtic hierarchy as Celtic continue to be humiliated on the pitch in European matches, due to their poor judgement in picking managers who aren’t up to Champions League standards, and the boards lack of ambition in selling superior players below market value, and replacing them with inferior players.


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