CELTIC have released a statement this evening condemning any sort of sectarian chanting directed at Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes at Hampden on Sunday. However, the club have hit back at being the only club under ‘investigation’ by police after events on Sunday and prior games.

The club are clearly talking about the shameless and disgusting ‘Paedo’ chants directed at Celtic players and fans before, during and after the semi-final yesterday. They also go one further and say the chants we have received by a number of supporters should be up for investigation.

Celtic are absolutely correct in telling fans any form of sectarian chanting is unacceptable but they can’t idly sit by and watch Celtic bare the brunt of this because Derek McInnes lost the plot yesterday.

Calling anyone an ‘Orange B******’ should be confined to history and we should move on from such slurs.

The growing chants towards Celtic and fans have not been highlighted and in recent seasons we’ve had a whole section of Hampden chant at fans to ‘go home’ with very little attention being given to it.



  1. So they change the word of the offensive bit to sad sheep shagging bastard , would that be a bit less offensive .have to say being branded orange is a horrible insult , not quite as bad as paedo, which is leveled at Celtic from sheep and orange followers . A horrible insult , particularly ironic coming from a club with more paedo connection’s than anyone , and Aberdeen well they jump on the sheep wagon ,not sure if they had any paedos lurking round that club,I hope not , funny how after beating the rangers , all we hear is about how upset they were about Scott Brown winding them up till they lost control assaults, sendings, off hurt feelings , no responsiblity ,A disgraceful Aberdeen assaults sending off lost control.its the referee , it’s the word in a song , and how does the orange order become protected by sectarian standards, does the k k k ,the knights or any other looney organisation that spouts its values over others .mc innes ,A berdeen you are pathetic


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