CELTIC FANS are having a good laugh at their rival’s expense this morning after the man who led them to the training ground trophy jumped ship at what appeared to be his first real offer.

The scouser only managed 1 trophy out of a potential 9 with the club and that trophy came with no fans inside the ground and with a monumental self harm job by Celtic.

He’s hightailed it to Villa knowing Celtic are on the ascendency in Glasgow once again.

There will be no walkover like last season and we have a man in charge who’s hungry for success.

How does this affect Celtic?

Continuity is important during a season, especially when you’ve already struggled. The upheaval at Ibrox can only be seen as a good thing for the Hoops.

However, as Ange Postecoglou has pointed out, we can’t afford to get wrapped up on what’s going on elsewhere. We must keep the course with what we’re doing and see where we are at the end of the season.

Ange has already seen off one Ibrox manager, will there be more to come?


  1. Hey now they want a new manager in as soon as the next few days or weeks at most,do they think they will get a new manager for £1 million a season with his own backroom staff for £3 million like a season like 4 years ago not going happen today managers want £5 million upwards plus there own men in and they also want new players they may keep one or two hand be downs but he will want a £10 million pot to start with and any money that he gets from players that he does not want…so do the Math and maybe Graeme Murty is there only bet for now..

  2. Could get out Uuiji board and make use of some of Wally’s coffin nightcrawlers, since they’re skint again.

    Be very cheap. And everyone else has as job, worth holding on to.

    I hear that ‘Who Shot Kenny’ McDowell is looking for some easy cash.
    As he has a hair transplant to finance. If he lasts that long.


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