Brendan Rodgers has been quite strong about Celtic’s pressing need for first-team quality additions. However, the January transfer window closed with the club falling short of expectations, leading to a wave of disappointment among the Celtic supporters. As attention now shifts towards the summer window, the hope for significant first-team enhancements remains alive.

Amidst this backdrop of seeking top-tier talent, Adam Berry’s name has emerged. The young talent, emerging from Manchester United’s renowned academy, finds himself under the watchful eyes of Celtic scouts.

Brendan Rodgers Celtic
11th February 2024; St Mirren Park, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Scottish Cup Football, St Mirren versus Celtic; Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers applauds the supporters

According to reports from Football Transfers, Celtic, among other clubs, is interested in the 17-year-old prodigy. Currently on trial at Nottingham Forest, Berry has also piqued the interest of Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers. Adam was released by Utd this season.

However, Berry’s potential move to Celtic carries a different expectation. Any deal on the table would likely see Berry joining Celtic’s B team, positioning him as a prospect for the future rather than a solution for the immediate challenges facing the first team.

Berry, with his versatility as a central midfielder, winger, or a number ten, boasts a promising profile. His 12-year journey at Manchester United’s academy includes 27 appearances for the U18s, where he scored twice and provided four assists. His brief stint with Rangers earlier in the year on trial has also been noted.


  1. We are In the spl so looking for nuggets that will get first team football but we have had top prospects taken by bigger leagues do maybe going for these young players and signing professional contracts so we don’t loss them for nothing and not to rush them in to first team before there mentally ready the academy players Celtic lost are still in b teams I suppose there bank balance is nice that might blunt there progress since having money and the lack of Hunger


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