From an outsiders perspective, if football fans can’t get into grounds then the obvious action would be to bring the game to supporters.

The talk surrounding next season and what the landscape of our game could look like is all up for debate, but there’s a hunger to try and make sure supporters don’t miss out while clubs land revenue from less traditional methods.

The Athletic have today published a piece into the viability of ‘virtual season tickets’ – allowing supporters to see most, if not all of their club’s games.

There are hurdles to overcome with club’s and their streaming partners along with the Sky Sports deal who have the rights to air 48 games of the SPFL from next season.

If clubs can’t implement a central streaming plan, there is the possibility of Celtic supporters buying a virtual season ticket to see every game next term.

The costs of implementation have to be weighed up against potential profit. With nothing to base the numbers on at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess what clubs would be looking at in revenue to watch their team play from home.

Would you buy into a virtual season ticket, if it was offered?


  1. Hells to the yeah! I have MS and it can leave me house bound. I try to get to Celtic Park when I can but its not always possible.

  2. I have had one of these virtual tickets since I gave up my Green Hooped wallet based one, after Snoring Ronnie left the room. And value for money yes. Only thing is the games run 10 – 30 seconds late, and Celtic TV, becomes Bein/Satanta/Hooped Dreamz.


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