Celtic announced the shutters were coming up on Celtic Park next Thursday and a full capacity stadium has been given the green light.

Shortly after the club put out prices for the Europa League tie. We believe Celtic should have used this game as an opportunity to thanks the fans for the past 18 months by handing it to them as part of their season ticket but the club have reverted to type. One missed payday to say thanks to loyal supporters is not so much in the grand scheme of things.

Some people who did go on to the online Celtic ticket portal to purchase their tickets were met with an ineligible message. A lot fans were locked out of buying tickets for the game.

An email has come out to those affected this evening and the club are putting it down to UEFA requirements for the match. They will be waiting until Monday before releasing tickets for those season ticket holders to snap up.

It will be an emotional moment when an almost full Celtic Park sings You’ll Never Walk Alone and what’s divided us over the past year will melt away as we watch the bhoys go into the huddle.


  1. How In God’s name can this board charge us for the his game??. After sticking by them over last season, and not taking refunds they certainly are treating season ticket holders like mud!. Shame on you Celtic, as you are lowering yourselves to just as low as the scum across the city!!

  2. Agree with Shug ….
    We went a whole season without seeing a game after paying full price for our season tickets ….
    and this is how we are treated ….

  3. What I cannot understand is how my seat in the main stand is being hi-jacked by UEFA.
    If there has been a successful Season Ticket sale then where are all the STH from the main stand being relocated for this game.

  4. Totally agree, after renewing my season ticket I was looking forward to getting back into Paradise via the ballot but didn’t have any luck, any ST holder who was unsuccessful in the ballots should be getting in for this game free gratis.

  5. Same old Celtic Board – money grubbers !!!

    They do not deserve the supporters they have !

    The Board have no idea about PR . They are like the other Old Board who couldn’t see the rebellion brewing because of the £ signs in their eyes !
    Hell mend them !

  6. Loyalty means nothing to these people. We are a commodity to them, a revenue stream, nothing more. Their behaviour is nothing less than shameful when you look at the actions of a fan,-owned club like Motherwell.

    Get rid of… Pronto!

  7. I agree with all of the above.
    I refused to buy a ticket for last nights game after failing to get a ticket from the 4 previous ballots. We should have got a ticket as a thank you.
    I am very disappointed that the decision makers at the club I love did not seize this opportunity to thank there loyal supporters.
    Shame on you Celtic directors


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