Over the last few months, many fans have been asking the question as to why supporters have not been allowed to place their banners/flags into the stadium, as we have seen at all other grounds across the country.

Celtic Supporters Liaison Officer, John Paul Taylor has given fans an update on the situation, suggesting this may become possible once current restrictions are eased.

With every other club in not only Scotland but also the UK appearing to have supporters flags around the ground, it has left some fans frustrated as to why we cannot do this and instead of forced to put plain green sheets over seats, which sometimes include sponsors or advertisements.

We would all love to be in the ground, but of course, that isn’t possible at the current time, so it would be nice for the stadium to have a bit more of a home feel too it, with banners stretching around the ground.

Hopefully, before too long, the club will allow some groups to place their touch on the ground, soon.


  1. Easy to answer that. Use a supporters flag that has also a paying advert on it?? Celtic can survive without supporters present at games. But cannot survive without advertising revenue. The season ticket money only pays a percentage of running costs. And the squad was shi7e in the CL qualifiers. So hand to mouth this weather. So at some point they may put flags on the upper sections of Paradise.


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