I’ve been looking at post-split potential fixtures and I’ve absolutely no idea how they can do this fairly.

There are a couple of strange things I’d not realised before looking at this.

Celtic have played six of the nine contenders for the top 6 away from home twice already.

Conversely, the Rangers have played six of the nine at home twice already.

The three sides Celtic haven’t played away from home twice are the same three Rangers haven’t played at home; Dundee Utd, Ross County and St Mirren.

Celtic, Ross County, Livi, St Mirren, Aberdeen are the top 6 contenders who would get three Home games and two away post-split – but there is a decent chance less than the of these teams will be top six. What will happen under this scenario?

Is there a chance the Rangers would then get three home games post-split? I guess there is.

Then there is the question of what happens if the top six doesn’t include Dundee Utd, Ross County and St Mirren. How do they decide which teams we play a third time away from home?

Looking at the fixtures clubs still have to play, I’d guess 41 points will likely get you a top-six finish. Hibs probably need 4pts from Aberdeen (A), Dundee Utd(H), Hearts(A) – Possible.

Livingston possibly need 4pts from Hearts(A), St Johnstone(A), Motherwell(H) – possible.

Ross County possibly need 5pts from Celtic(A), Hearts(H), Aberdeen(A) – looks tricky.

Dundee Utd might need 5 points from St Mirren(A), Hibs(A), Dundee(H) – possible.

Motherwell might need 5 from St Johnstone (A), St Mirren(H), Livi(A) – possible.

St Mirren might need 8pts from 4 games. Dundee(A), Dundee Utd(H), Motherwell(A), Rangers(H) – looks tricky.

Aberdeen might need to win all 3 games again Hibs(H), Dundee(A), Ross C(H) – looks tricky.

I imagine Celtic’s last five games might be :

  • Rangers (H)
  • Hearts (H)
  • Dundee Utd (A)
  • Motherwell/Livingston/Hibs 1H 1A

Rangers fixtures might be:

  • Celtic(A)
  • Hearts(A)
  • Dundee Utd (H)
  • Motherwell/Livingston/Hibs 1H 1A or 2H

It looks like whatever happens, Rangers are definitely going to have had the kinder fixtures this season.

It makes it all the more remarkable how the season has gone so far.

Thanks to those who managed to follow this!




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