CELTIC will find out on Monday if their midfielder Ryan Christie will be banned for the first two domestic games of the season after being charged with grabbing Alfredo Morelos.

The incident during the game has been picked up by the SFA and now the player is in serious jeopardy of a ban.

We pointed out already, the two players were involved in a similar altercation at Ibrox not so long ago and nothing was done about it.

Celtic have remained largely silent on what their thoughts are on the aftermath of the game with the Ibrox club bumping their gums to anyone who will listen.

However, when asked to comment about Ryan’s charge the club were 100% behind their player and claimed they were ‘astonished’ this action had even been taken by the SFA in the first place.

“We are absolutely astonished at this decision. Clearly we will defend Ryan vigorously.” a Celtic spokesperson told SunSport.

The SFA have put themselves in a very tricky situation given there’s clear evidence of foul play between the two players before and they did absolutely nothing about it. To punish Ryan alone would smack of an agenda.


  1. Yeah the SFA has an agenda. And yeah they favor the huns.
    But Ryan didn’t have to make this so easy for them. I think he needs a wake up call. Maybe this is it.

  2. They are indeed however I’ve had enough of the trust Peter routine, time we grew a pair of nuts. Maybe even time for peter to move on.

  3. The SFA, SPFL and the Professional Game Board have amongst them Directors and representives of Celtic FC. The Club may make public announcements but will do very little, Celtic are the establishment. Club statements are like a 5 year olds tantrums, they attract attention, but for short periods with no effect, Celtic Directors are involved in policy making at the highest levels in Scottish football, don’t be fooled by the crocodile tears.


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