The Celtic Fan Forum took place on October 28th, throwing up a lot of issues.

The fan forum is an imagination of different fans and Celtic groups who put their questions and concerns to the club.

The South stand was a huge topic of conversation as was the redevelopment of barrow field. The facilities in the South stand are outdated and in need of major upgrade.

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The club have been looking to upgrade the stand for years but haven’t taken action as of yet. Celtic have also been drawing up plans for Barrowfield but now things are on hold.

Asked if redevelopment of the stand and Barrowfield was something on the horizon, the club revealed it wasn’t at the moment. Celtic is focusing on the football side of things and directing funds there.

They did admit if they look to redevelop the stadium in anyway a share issue to raise capital would likely have to happen. As per Ginty1888 on social media:

The pandemic has hurt every football club in the pocket in one way or another. Celtic have a long way to go before they can claim they are really a modern club. So much of what we do is stuck in the past. Footballing structure certainly should be the focus.

Is we have the correct structure in place and the team can qualify for the Champions League on a regular basis again, it means more money for the club to invest in these sorts of projects.


  1. Forget about winning the Champions League,do what needs to be done upgrade the old main stand if I’m correct is a listed building but I read it has only a couple of years left to be in that category,as for Barrowfield I seen a lot of Groundwork Machinery working on the land there,let’s face it that shower of misers the board won’t put there hands in there pockets.


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