CELTIC’S transfer business and onfield problems are having no baring whatsoever on the club’s latest share price.

Reuters Jamie McGeever took a snapshot of the clubs share prices since  the millennium and although the club itself is going through a sticky spell with transfers and falling out of the Champions League – the share price keeps on climbing!

Not that this matters to the average Celtic fan but it is peculiar to see that how much the stock has climbed in the face of the most adversity the club has dealt with in two years.

Celtic’s failure to secure transfer targets, selling important first team players and missing out on the Champions League are all adding to the negative feeling around the club at the moment.

The board and management have less than two days to improve their playing squad for the first half of the season. However, if you’re a Celtic shareholder you might be inclined to let this play out.

Which begs the question, what’s going on?!


  1. It’s simpel money is the be all and end all for this Celtic board. Disco lights and rugby are the ordered of the day.how that was ever gonna enhance the chances of champions league football I will never know.Remember it wasn’t that long ago they leased out Parkhead and had to play champions leauge qualifyer at Murrayfield.scandalous. I’d if wasn’t for the fans this board would strip away celtics identity. We seem to be business now for the fat cats like Lawell and major shareholders.sad sad sad state of affairs.

  2. This is a business to be run as a proper business,am amazed at some of the comments regarding this , our credit rating is100%.unlike the mob south side,it is frustrating sometimes the way some things are done, sevco are putting all their eggs in one basket,signing everyone and their uncle!!!!!!!where is the finance coming from,ask yourself that question before slagging of Celtic .!!!!!

    • Ray I’m not slabbering about Celtic . I care very mush about my team . I care enough when the low ambitions of this board become clear as they have now. Are u seriously trying to tell me u think they have the best interest of the fans/team.???if u believe that ray then ur part of the problem. Lawell wouldn’t get away with it any other club.

      • Paul,as a business,they have to do things right,as a business man in a very small capacity , I understand the reasons behind some of the decision that have to be made, yes I know that to improve you have to invest, and we should have done from a position of strength, but we still are in that position ,yes would love to see a messi mbasse types here,but it will not happen, Lowell has a job to run the club correctly, like you am not happy to accept some of the things he or the board have done things this window ,but they are in charge ,not us ,we have to trust their decisions.

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