CHRIS SUTTON had to jokingly fight his corner today on the BT panel as they replayed his commentary of the Celtic winner against Lazio on Thursday night.

An audible cheer followed by a ‘come on’ as Ntcham delicately places the ball in the back of the net from Chris made the goal a must watch over and over again.

Robbie Savage and Paul Ince tried to have a go but Sutton stood his ground and even had a cheeky dig at Manchester City.

The former Celtic striker said he was delighted for Scottish football as much as Celtic on the night.

Paul Ince seemed irked by Sutton’s commentary as he asked Sutton ‘it wasn’t the cup final, was it’.

Sutton quickly retorted ‘It was a big deal’ and then went onto talk about Man City failings in Italy.

‘We seen the English team the night before Manchester City struggle against Atalanta with the millions they’ve spent – Celtic showing the the way.

Celtic are on the way to the Europa League last 32 but you’ve got a guy there in Paul Ince who would slaughter us if we didn’t make it and who doesn’t want to give us credit for making it with two games to spare.


  1. We need to stop worrying or caring what people say or think about us. It smacks of insecurity. I doubt Paul Ince or Robbie Savage would begrudge us tbh.

  2. Who cares what these English Clowns think or even say.Robbie Savage??lolol how many medals and Cups had this Baloon Ever won.Celtic have proved Time and Again Against these So called Superior SuperStar English Teams We Fear None of Them.


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