The Daily Mail sent out an erroneous and misleading headline on Boxing Day claiming Celtic fans had clashed with the police as they supported the team from outside St Johnstone’s ground.

Fans have been locked out of football grounds in large numbers for at least the next three weeks but some Celtic fans still went to the effort of going to the stadium and peacefully supporting the Hoops.

The Police were present but they never had to be anything other than bystanders while the game went in behind them.

The Daily Mail reported ‘clashes’ with the Police outside the ground and ran with the angle it’s the fault of those putting in restrictions for this happening.

This wasn’t the case and Celtic themselves came out this morning with Supporter Liaison Officer John Paul setting the record straight.

So, there was absolutely nothing in this. There was no story here other than Celtic fans going above and beyond to support their side.

The mainstream media doing their best again to push their own narrative.


  1. Why did the Tims who work in the DM’s sports section agree to this cr*p being put out? Let’s see if there’s a retraction and apology.Let’s see how long I can hold my breath…..

  2. HH LET’S get this paper fined for blasting lying making up stories to make Scotland look bad and Celtic to the police should write a statement to and clear these lies up again Celtic fans something that is untrue hh ktf

  3. They don’t do apologies, they are COWARDS. Sneaky wee huns printing sh1te and hoping it sticks. I long to see their faces when the print industry admits that the days of newspapers are all in the past, oh, and by the way, you are all out of a job. Sickened, you will be.

  4. We know by these stories we irk people and In management Hooe we are spoilt your christmass d m editor never seen a picture with a smiling celtic board manager across the water all smiles must be running out of celtic photos might have to show happy celtic soon

  5. Why were they even there?
    As ever the usual suspects have to be the centre of attention.
    When Sevco fans did the same last season, this site & others condemned them for it but when its the GB its something to celebrate?


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