CELTIC played as if they were having a kick about down the park at Celtic Park on Saturday in the Glasgow Derby.

So slow, pedestrian, lack of any sort of desire and imagination on the day.

It might not have been our best team we could field but the lack of anything was the biggest cause for concern. Defenders passing to one another as their rivals remained rigid.

Let’s not get it muddled here, this wasn’t an outstanding performance from our rivals, it was efficient and effective.

Celtic had managed to find a result in so many games this season when they played as they had on Saturday but it finally caught up with us.

Our inability to find space and break down teams this term has been worrying. Neil Lennon’s system which worked so well last term has not proven fruitful.

Neil Lennon cannot sell us on anything here, he has let his side sleepwalk into this result and it’s not good enough.


  1. Absolutely gutless display-Yet again McGregor fails to show against Sevco-he must be the most overrated Celtic player in recent years, Lennon should be considering his position after this humiliating display-far too many cowards on the park

  2. Disgraceful performance and not the first this season, something very wrong and if that means Neil Lennon stepping down then so be it! This season should be most important in our illustrious history but players don’t look very interested. This is without doubt the most boring football I have ever seen Celtic play, and I’ve been a supporter since 1965. HAIL HAIL.


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