Fans have been contacting the club about the unfortunate Celtic Pass outage which meant a lot of season ticket holders missed the first 15 minutes of the match and for some even more.

The Pass team were obviously inundated with emails during Saturday’s transmission with the season ticket holders missing the first and only goal of the game.

Some fans have been onto Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor about what happened and if the team will even return emails from concerned STH.

JP confirmed he believed there was a big outage inside Celtic’s Multimedia room just before kick-off. He also confirmed the club will be in touch with anybody who has contacted them.

It’s been a source of much frustration this season. Celtic really did think the fans would be back in the ground before the end of 2020. They did not bank on going through the whole season with the current setup.

It looks more and more likely that at least a large portion of next season will have to be through the lens of the Celtic Pass.

There’s no real added value for the price people are paying and a house with multiple season ticket holders are paying through the roof for the service.

Something has to change.


  1. This is lies. I contacted the media people twice and haven’t had a response. I’ve tweeted JPT, the paradise pass and Celtic and none of them have responded.
    As usual the club are showing their contempt for the fans and don’t care about our opinions or the product they give us.


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