CELTIC have come in for heavy criticism with their controversial decision to continue to lock out away supporters from the stadium

Every home game Celtic have played this season has been with home fans only to this point.

Dundee Utd are the latest club to be upset by Celtic’s unwillingness to allow away supporters into the ground.

We reported earlier today, Jim Spence branded the move as a ‘disgrace’ from Celtic not to accommodate travelling fans.

It’s opened the door to more criticism of the club with many of our own fans wondering what can be done and why Celtic are taking the stance.

The red zone for Celtic is a major issue. The zone is compulsory for the protection of players and staff for both teams and it wipes out a large amount season ticket holders from their seats.

The displaced season ticket holders need to be moved elsewhere leaving it difficult to accommodate the away fans.

When Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor was asked if anything could be done on the matter, another layer was added to Celtic’s argument.

Celtic are between a rock and a hard place in this instance. We should be looking to find a way to get away fans in the stadium but, yes we must ensure all our fans can get to and from the ground as safely and easily as possible.

If the red zone continues, surely plans will have to be drawn up.


  1. I think the decision to keep away fans from parkhead is despicable, given that when we play away games it is plain to see thousands of Celts in the ground, Celtic are making decisions that can only cause trouble and resentment For CFC,


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