Again, it’s left to Celtic Supporter liaison officer, John Paul to reply to fans about the current situation at the club because nobody else is forthcoming.

It’s JPs job to facilitate the fans on many matters but when it comes to what’s going on with the fundamental part of our club, the men in suits should be more forthcoming.

There’s been so much silence this season Celtic fans are fed up and are just looking for direction.

Since Neil Lennon left the building we’ve gotten very little from the club.

We imagine JP isn’t privy to the manager hunt in the way many might think he would be.

All the Celtic SLO knows is, there’s nothing to report.

Celtic fans were hopeful of an announcement on the new manager to at least the DoF on Tuesday after watching their side take a heavy defeat at Ibrox.

The mood in the camp is low and fans need something to spark positivity.

It’s been 70 plus days since Neil Lennon ceased being the manager of Celtic football club, why are we still waiting on a plan?



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