CHRISTOPHER JULLIEN took part in an interview back in France during the international break as the player continues to shine for the club on and off the field.

The social media savvy Celtic star has got fans onside with his use of Instagram and interacting with them on a daily basis. His performances on the pitch have been getting better and better – scoring a winner against Lazio his top moment to date for the bhoys.

People forget the player has only been in Glasgow for five months or so but he’s bedded in very well and is a big character in the Celtic dressing room.

During the interview, the player spoke about going out in Glasgow and how he must be careful; the physicality of the game compared to France and his hopes for nine in a row.

Jullien on life in Glasgow and supporters of Celtic as well as their rivals.

“Yeah it’s quite hard. During the day is fine, the fans are really nice to me.” Jullien told BeInSports as cited by SunSport.

“The Rangers fans can be a bit vicious but it’s most difficult in the evenings if I want to go out to dinner with family, or go and have a drink with family.”

Physical nature of the Scottish Game.

“There is no VAR in Scotland. I don’t want to say that everything is anything goes, but it is a bit more physical.

“I think the game in England and Scotland is known for that.”

On the subject of elbowing, Juillien said: “I wouldn’t say I like it or that I like the elbowing but there’s give and take and it’s not bad at all.”

Celtic objective.

“That’s the objective this season, to equalise with the nine-in-a-row that was set many years ago.

“And why not win next season as well and break the record. It’s a huge objective.”

Celtic have a massive fixture list coming up before the end of the year and Jullien will feature heavily throughout all competitions. Centre-back isn’t one of the positions we have a lot of cover for at the minute with Jozo and Elhamed both out through injury.


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