LEIGH GRIFFITHS could be in hot water with the club over breaking strict sporting bubble football guidelines by hosting a party for his partner.

The striker apparently arranged the party for his girlfriend which even breaks general lockdown rules at this point.

After the Aberdeen players came in for heavy criticism, and rightly so, there’s no escaping Leigh should have known better. The players really need to stay inside their bubble if games can proceed as normal and so they don’t catch the virus and spread it through the squad.

It’s irresponsible at best and the player needs to keep his head down.

The party was made public knowledge after Leigh’s partner posted them on social media before deleting them.

 Caitlyn shared the snaps publicly on Instagram before deleting them

 Caitlyn posing for pics with her friends at the house birthday party

Neil Lennon spoke on Friday about his player’s behaviour in general and praised his side for their discipline on the whole.

“We made our players aware again this morning. They really can’t go out and socialise and open ourselves up to any finger-pointing. It’s basically a case of: home, training, home, games. Unfortunately, that’s the way it’s got to be until things get better.” Lennon told CelticTV

“I think the players here have in the main been excellent. They’ve had two rounds of testing now for the last six/seven weeks and, thankfully, they’ve all come back negative. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing the right things.”

Leigh has been working on his fitness since returning to the squad in June and has only played less than 45 minutes of pre-season football so far.