DEDRYCK BOYATA has broken his silence after Belgium’s horror show in the Nations League on Sunday night.

Boyata started the match and things were going to plan with Belgium taking a two goal lead over Switzerland.

What happened next was truly astonishing; Switzerland scored five goals without reply with the Belgian side in shock as it all unfolded.

The team absolutely crumbled as a whole but the defensive performance will live long in the memory of the fans who were there. It was a woeful display by a side who just this summer came third at the World Cup.

Boyata is taking a lot of heat for the result. We wrote earlier on the site today we believe the Celtic star is being made somewhat of a scapegoat because he’s newer to the first team than some of the other players.

However, it cannot be said Dedryck was at fault for the entire result but he does shoulder his share of the blame and has said he’s going to lose sleep over it in the coming days.

“I won’t be sleeping very well for many days now. At 2-0 up, it should have been a time for us to control the game – instead the opposite happened.” Boyata admitted and cited on RecordSport.

“Many of our players were below their best against Switzerland and I have to include myself in that.“It wasn’t a lack of motivation and we didn’t underestimate them.

“We just had a very bad night defensively. It’s time for me to go back to basics and take it from there.

“After such a great World Cup, to come down to a level of performance like that wasn’t good enough and we will have to seriously analyse what went wrong.”

The defender is due back at Lennoxtown later in the week where Brendan Rodgers may have to build up his confidence just a bit.


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