JEREMIE FRIMPONG has every right to feel aggrieved by referee Alan Muir after he refused to give the Celtic youngster a penalty against Partick Thistle before pointing to the spot against him in the second 45minutes.

Frimpong was nudged in the box, a soft penalty perhaps but a penalty nonetheless, Frimpong was fouled.

Fast forward to the end of the game with the Thistle player rounding Fraser Forster, Jeremie gets back to put the striker off and he misses a sitter. Muir pointed to the spot.

Speaking about the two incidents, Frimpong told SunSport.

“In the first half I clearly got past the full-back and he clips me.

“I spoke to the referee but he didn’t do anything.

“At the end I was sure I got in front of the player to make the clearance.

“But he still gives the penalty. I don’t know, maybe the ref doesn’t like me.”

Celtic were already 2-0 up at the time the penalty was given. However, it doesn’t excuse Muir’s very poor performance.

The referee should be embarrassed at the two incidents but we suspect he won’t be.

Celtic found out they will play Clyde away in the next round of the competition. A trip to Broadwood in February awaits.



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