SCOTT SINCLAIR has again found himself calling out racism after a video emerged from the Aberdeen end of Hampden on Sunday.

Scott Sinclair was stepping up to take a penalty at the other end of the ground and as he took the run-up, a very audible chant of ‘black b***ard’ can be heard.

Sinclair missed the penalty but it Celtic still won the cup in the end.

However, after coming across this video; a clip someone has felt comfortable uploading to the internet and sharing, Sinclair has made his feelings known about the uneducated fan who shouted the abuse.

Sinclair has dealt with a lot of racist incidents since coming up to Scotland both in stadiums and online.

There is absolutely no place for it in any walk of life never mind in football and we should all call it out when it happens.

Hopefully, the mindless fan educates himself or at least feels ashamed for making such a vile comment.


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