Treble Treble goalkeeper Craig Gordon has been caught up in the unrest at Barcelona airport after political members of the Catalonia independence movement were given lengthy jail sentences by the Spanish state.

Craig and former CelticTV presenter Summer Harl instagrammed from the airport where they were caught up in the mass protest by the independence movement who were charged at by Spanish police.

 Craig and Summer were trying to get home


The airport was effectively shut down as the Catalonian’s took to the streets after the horrendous Spanish verdict.

Gordon would have been enjoying some time off during the international break not being part of the Scotland squad. Missing their flight and having to bide their time while the violence at the airport increased.

 The pair were caught up in the riot

56 people were reported injured as a result of the protests and the heavy handedness of police. Gordon was due back at Lennoxtown this morning but might have some extra time off to sort himself out after missing flights.


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