Let me start by saying Greg Taylor is Celtic’s second best left-back.

Deigo Laxalt has the position tied up and for good reason. However, we saw a lot of negative comments after the Kilmarnock game yesterday about Taylor’s performance on the day and we can’t understand why.

Utilising our squad is of the utmost importance and while Diego is our number one in that position, Taylor certainly is a capable understudy.

Playing in every game, some of his deficiencies could shine through but against Kilmarnock, he was solid and got up the field whenever he could.

Kilmarnock’s resolute defending at times stopped the player’s progress and some of his crosses found the back of a Killie player, in general though, he put in a good shift and contributed to the win.

Using our pool of players is important and had Neil Lennon realised this quicker, we could be sitting in a much better place.

Taylor has his place in this squad and when he does start, it shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Celtic manager gives the nod to the Scottish left-back on Sunday.


  1. Firstly, I can’t understand how Laxalt is Celtic’s first choice – he is constantly out of position (has cost us several goals because of this), dives into tackles (so is constantly beaten) and does not have a good final ball. Taylor is better in all of those areas. He is no world class player by any stretch but I’d pick him before Laxalt any day of the week.


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