During the summers, there had been much speculation around Kristoffer Ajer’s future with the most interest coming from Celtic’s recent Europa League opponents AC Milan.

Of course, no move materialised but there was still supposed interest in the Norwegian from the Serie A leaders.

So Ajer must have felt the last two fixtures against Milan, were a bit of an audition for him to try and prove why he should be at the club. If we are judging it off of last nights performance though, it would be fair to say this was a failed audition.

It was much more of the same for the Celtic defence this season, with it being far too easy to slice through the defence and score, which resulted in a 4-2 defeat.

If the Italian side is basing it off showings they may have seen in the Europa it won’t look good for Ajer, conceding goals left, right and centre in this group. Not exactly the sort of impression the defender was looking to make.

Now, it isn’t just Ajer’s fault. There are of course other defenders who need to do their job but it just simply isn’t good enough at this time and it seems to be the same weak goals we are conceding at the minute.

I’m sure the 22-year old will still believe in his chances of signing for a top side like AC Milan but with any more showings like that, he can think again.


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