TIMOTHY WEAH got the all important first goal in Paisley on Wednesday night which put Celtic just two wins away from clinching their eighth consecutive league title.

The American has found a run of games hard to come by at the club since making the loan move in January from PSG.

The managemenbt upheavel at the club has certainly not helped the youngster bed into the team as quickly or as seamlessly as he’d have liked.

However, his goal at St Mirren was an important one and he has shown flashes of what he could offer to the team on a regular basis going forward.

With the attacking midfielder’s loan deal ending in May there are many Celtic fans wondering if the club will try and keep Weah at Celtic Park for the whole of next season. The American could become a valuable asset if he gets into the swing of things.

When asked about the possibility of staying on at Celtic beyond the summer, Timo believes it’s a possibility and won’t rule it out.

“I feel like it’s a possibility. It’s something me and my family have to go over at the end of the season.” Timo told Record Sport.

“I am loving it here so far so we just have to see what happens.

“I’m really positive about the situation, happy to be at the club and making the most of these opportunities.”

Watch this space.


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