CELTIC FAVOURITE Mikael Lustig has had his car stolen from his home his partner Josefin Lustig revealed via her blog.

The Sweden and Celtic star noticed upon leaving his house and his wife explained what happened.

“The day didn’t really start as a normal day.

“Mikael was taking Geisha out in the morning and he realised that our car was gone. Panic! Someone actually stole our car.”

Thankfully, the police have recovered the car but the contents of the car were taken which included some of their kid’s gifts that had yet to be taken into their home.

“Police have been here and they have found the car!

“We had done some Christmas shopping the other day and the kid’s presents were still in the car, they are gone now.

Mikael Lustig is a pivotal part of Brendan Rodgers side and just won the League cup at the weekend having scored a brace in the semi-final.


  1. Inconvenience definitely,but I’m sure the kids won’t do without.Still,it’s a scumbag move,hope they left damning evidence,RATS
    Let Mickael do his avenging on the field,We all know that’s where he does most of his talking.


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