MIKAEL LUSTIG has responded to his critics in the best possible manager with the Swede taking it all in his stride.

The right back has come under growing criticism (sometimes rightly) for his performances for the club. However, there is a section of fans who seem to be relentlessly giving the defender stick, even when he’s doing things right.

Lustig’s contract runs out at the end of the season and the club has not indicated to the fans if they will be triggering a one-year extension. While the player is here for the rest of this season, there’s every chance he will come back into the fold for Neil Lennon after Jeremy Toljan has struggled lately.

Asked if the criticism gets to him or his team-mates, Lustig understood the game.

“Facing criticism is part of football. It’s natural when you play at a high level, but it’s not something all players can handle” Lustig told CelticTV.

“That’s what makes this squad so special. Everyone is mentally strong and can deal with the challenges that come our way without it negatively impacting us”

“As long as you know yourself what you’re capable of, and you have your manager’s and team-mates’ backing, you can keep going and overcome negativity.”

Lustig was signed by Neil Lennon back in 2012 and the Swede could see his deal extended under the current interim manager before the end of the season.

Funny how things can work out in football.



  1. Some Celtic fans will never be satisfied.i wonder how they respond to criticism at work.
    Both Lustig and Toljan are Celtic players who are doing well for their team. Neither of them hide or throw tantrums and both are deserving of our full support.

  2. Can anyone inform me and the rest of the support how is wee griff getting any sign of him training thinking about training or is the start of next season his target to play in just thinking

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