OLIVIER NTCHAM has told Celtic fans he’s put the summer saga behind him when the player told how he wanted to leave the club and Scottish football.

At the time here were the quotes that caused a bit of a stir as cited by Herald Sport.

“I was really disappointed not to have gone to Porto last summer.

“I have played with players who have less quality than me and who are today in top clubs. Each player’s journey is different. I am 200% sure of myself. I am not saying that I am a complete player but I know that I will become one.”

Marseille are favourites to sign Ntcham who admitted to craving a move to one of Europe’s top leagues.

He said: “What could be the perfect stage for me? A big championship: Germany, France, Spain – coming back to France would be something very, very good.

“The interest of the Marseille? It is flattering. It is a very big club with very big support. If I went to Marseille, I would blossom, I have always signed for clubs with lots of fans.”

These comments were reported on while Ntcham was away with the French under 21s for the summer. When Neil Lennon got the midfielder back at the club there were talks between the pair over what was said. The result was, the Celtic manager was happy to put things behind him and has continued to play Olivier.

The Frenchman is still not a first-team regular, and that’s a testament to the midfield we have right now. However, Ntcham’s focus seems to be back on Celtic but does admit, you don’t know what’s around the corner.

“I’m feeling good. I still think I need a few more games to be at my best, but I’m going in the right direction.

“There’s a lot more to come because I’m not fully fit yet in terms of matches.” Ntcham told SunSport.

“I’m enjoying playing though, and I’m focused on Celtic 100 per cent. I’m focused on working hard every day in training and on the pitch.

“I’m not spending my time looking around. There was talk about my future in the past, but I’m fully concentrated on the present.

“You never know what happens in football tomorrow, but I want to enjoy my time today.

“It’s a very exciting time to be at Celtic. There are a lot of big games, but if we win them it will be even more exciting.

“We’re used to winning but we’re still hungry in every single game.”

The player has made a positive contribution to Celtic this term when he has played. On his game, he can be the best player on the park and see passes we can’t even see from the stand.

Having a fully committed Oli Ntcham will only benefit Celtic for the rest of the season.


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