Ryan Christie was reportedly rushed for emergency surgery just hours after the Glasgow Derby game on Sunday for a groin injury he sustained during the game.

Mail Sport report the Celtic midfielder went under the knife promptly after the game for something which couldn’t wait.

The severity of the injury is not yet known with the club staying tight lipped on social media after their derby defeat.


It could be a case of identifying an injury and getting Ryan straight in so he can recover as quick as possible in the three weeks between now and Celtic’s next game.

The Celtic star has been pivotal for the bhoys this season – scoring 18 goals for the club so far. A phenomenal return for a Celtic midfielder at this stage of the season.

Ryan, like many others, didn’t cover themselves in glory during the derby defeat and hopefully he can get fit and help put this right in the new year.


  1. I hope he gets well soon,as we will need him at his best,,,You do know this defeat was coming the last four games we where just getting over the line,some one needs to tell me how you set your stall out and get turned over as easy as that every where on the pitch,why do we play same players week in week out i do not understand that part when you have a big squad we should have a player ready to take a players place,we have not got that same faces same team as always you can change some maybe 3 or 4 players every game,did i miss some thing did our players go out and eat there xmass dinner and party all night long real pros do not do that we all know it was nothing like that can we blame it on flu or is it we are now second best in Scotland,if you take a look at there players on the day they looked fitter than us they worked it out that Ajer was a weak link and showed us how weak he was the midfielders where no match,it is time to get the dead wood out and bring in some real seasoned pros or we will win nothing more this season…

  2. I heard morelos booted Christie in the haw maws that’s why he had to get rushed to the hospital coz he ruptured his baw sack and he is getting lifted wen he is back from Colombia ??


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