NEW Celtic signing Scott Bain will have already endeared himself to the fans with a string of promising performances but it never hurts to go that extra mile and the goalkeeper did yesterday when he had a go at Neil McCann.

Neil, somewhat of a panto villain in the east end of Glasgow was the reason Bain was forced out of Dundee to Edinburgh in January only to be recalled and sent to Celtic on deadline day.

The pair had a falling out in October last year and Bain didn’t play for Dundee again.

Now sitting a permanent member of the Celtic squad, Bain took a shot at McCann and told him they both got what they deserved.

“I don’t think I’ll ever thank him for what was going on.

“The two parties probably got what they deserved out of what was going on at Dundee; me sitting here and them finishing a mediocre season. It’s been a mad season.

“It happens all the time in football. I wouldn’t even call is a disagreement. I didn’t have a disagreement with anyone”

“But whatever went on, the manager wants you out of the door and wants you not to do well. You just have to stick by your guns and say you do not want to be treated that way.”


  1. McCann’s a fecking wee weasel, he’ll get his jotters fae Dundee and need tae crawl back to Sky. He’ll need a joab tae pay back his EBT tax. Hector’s comiing efter ye ya prick. HH

  2. Mock huddle cant. Don’t know what his problem is with Celtic. Media has been flooded with cants like him, McCoist and Gordon (must score) SMITH, Chris Boyd, etc,etc. Andy (souped) Walker.

    It must/should be easy for Brendan to motivate the team with the amount of biased pish we experience from Sky, BY Sport, BBC Prodland, etc.

    Hail Hail


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