OLIVIER NTCHAM has wished his former teammate Moussa Dembele good luck after his compatriot signed for Lyon late Friday evening.

Moussa has rubbed everyone at Celtic the wrong way heading out the door and while it’s admirable Ntcham is supporting his friend the Celtic fans are still reeling from his antics.

The message wishes the striker good luck.

Olivier Ntcham, Odsonne Edouard looked liked they were sparking up a tremendous trio in the early season before Dembele got injured and then Edouard followed.

Celtic now must look to win a Glasgow Derby game, playing under the cloud Dembele left on Friday.

Moussa continued to lay into the club at his Lyon press conference today knowing full well how big a game his former teammates have tomorrow.

Ntcham will be a vital part of the team tomorrow but he doesn’t have any issue with his friend’s antics as he walked out the Parkhead door.


  1. We really need rid of this french clique disturning how they are always together and away from the grouo in training and are visible at each game at Celtic park miles away from the rest of the players at time up in their little clique !we are all people we know how this works in any enviroment especially in a male one!Once we are rid of all this group we can’t allow this to occur again it’s a cancer we need rid of! Hail Hail still hammer that poison tomorrow

    • You are correct.
      You can add Boyata to the French clique
      It was stated that when the Dutch team under Cryuff failed to win the World Cup part of the problem was the Colonial clique

  2. Its easy for Dembele to hold up that Lyon jersey with 2023 on it. Does he understand he cannot just demand a move in 2020 if Barcelona are interested. A contract is a contract

  3. I can honestly see the Dembele debacle unsettling both Ntcham and Edouarde.Three Frenchman struck up an understandable wee clkick,as none of the trio hardly were fluent in English.The biggest disappointment in all this is Celtic stating they didn’t have time to identify a replacement for Dembele,when they shouild have been anticipating a big money bid for Dembele and therefore possible candidates should have been identified,if not merely for the injury fragility of the three strikers available for us at the time.Pity J ack Aitchison was put out on loan,as it may have been time to give him first team exposure.But lets get back to business as usual tomorrow and dish out a HUNPING to the bold stevie and his unbeaten sevco side and shut up the smsm and their stevie g still unbeaten love in.

  4. Ah bollocks , we all knew that moussa would eventually leave , me personally I don’t think he has been anywhere near as good as he was in his first season , we all have to remember ok that we are a great club but also where we are in world football terms great players will come but we can’t offer the huge wages and big leagues so hence they will leave , i think this was a great bit of business from celtic . At 20 millionwe have just made up the shortfall of not making the champions league , and lets all remember that it could be worse and we could be struggling to keep the lights on just like that mob , am looking forward to putting them right back in there place the morn HH

  5. Get them all to France. This poison could cost us dearly and sabotage Ten in a row. Whenever we can ship these toxic mercenaries out then we should. Boyata too. They really aren’t that good anyway. Ntcham’s passing and shooting is weak. Edouard seems as injury prone as Dembele. Play the youngsters and let’s not get ourselves held to ransom again. Hail Hail.

  6. what i dont get is why is their talk of a mans word and without it him having nothing . . . . when mr dembele signed a contract with our club did that not mean he gave his word that he was committed to honour that contact to play for our team, he also leaves us days before facing the dark side having thrown many spanners at the team and stats he has love for the crest/badge & has no problem with the millions of celtic fans worldwide . . . . and he talks about a mans word ? “real men” ? is it a real man who sneakily plans his exit from a club whilst causing as much unrest as he can muster in the process, honour dignity respect how much did mr dembele really leave with?


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