BOLI BOLINGOLI has opened up about the pressures of playing at Celtic and how he has never felt anything like it in the football world.

The expectation to win every game is something every Celtic player has to carry – unline clubs down south who exist to for a mid-table finish or escaping relegation, this is a side who has so much pressure on them at all times.

The bhoys have risen to the occasion this term, a fresh title challenge pushing them on. A trophy already in the cabinet and finishing top of their Europa League group – if they’re feeling the heat, they aren’t showing it!

Boli came in this summer and has been Celtic’s first choice left-back when he’s fit. The defender was back at it against Aberdeen at the weekend and helped his teammates to a 2-1 victory over Derek McInnes and his side.

Speaking about Celtic and the pressure involved:

“Of course, pressure is always good if it’s healthy. It can push you up and make you perform.” Bolingoli told RecordSport.

“It was a bit like that at Brugge but not like here at Celtic. I wasn’t playing all of the time there like now, for example.
“Mentally we are very strong. We just try to do our job and you see the whole team is doing well. Personally, I’ve just come back from injury but I feel I am coping.
“I actually feel more of the pressure here that we have to win every game but I can’t complain, it feels good.

“As a player you want to win every game and here at Celtic we know we have to.”

On the Aberdeen game and more specifically the red card for Sam Cosgrove, the defender was in no doubt the Dons striker had left the referee little option but to send the player off.

“I didn’t really see it well but it was a dangerous tackle.
“Kristoffer had his feet on the ground and if he comes in like that, it can be dangerous.
“The referee made a good decision to give a red card because what the Aberdeen player did could be very dangerous actually.
“The referees do their job. They sometimes make wrong decisions but they have assistants to help. Okay, maybe we can say that the referee played a big role in this game, but we had a lot of chances.
“We only scored two unfortunately but it could have been many more.”

Celtic have two games before the end of the year. A boxing day trip to St Mirren before a Glasgow Derby against The Rangers to close off the year.


  1. Sevco aren’t even thinking about Celtic???? Aye whatever.Its getting near the time when the (Hun)est Mistakes will be coming Thick n Fast.Anything to Stop the 10.Cmon Boli and the Rest of the Bhoys,Leave Nothing in the Hands of the Masonic Referees….Dig them Another Grave.They can Lie in the plot beside that other Ghastly Club🍀HooPy Xmas🍀


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