LEIGH GRIFFITHS has spoken out for the first time since having a party on the Ibrox terrace after Celtic’s heroic 3-2 win.

The Celtic striker was out injured and took his place among the fans on the day where be tied a scarf to the railing and waved a tricolour about in celebration which infuriated Ibrox fans.

However, Leigh was not apologetic but did admit he may have for a wee bit carried away.

“Maybe I got a wee bit carried away. But after the game you are happy your team has won and have beaten your fiercest rivals. You want to go and celebrate with the fans.

“Some guy handed it (Ireland Flag) to me. It was just one of those things. It wasn’t intentional. I just wanted to show everybody how happy I was that the team got the three points.”

“You want to go to your fiercest rivals and show what a good team you are,” he said. “Being injured you aren’t involved on the pitch, but you want to make sure you enjoy it off it as well.”



  1. Well said Griff…..the Huns fly their English flags and they don t realise how thick they are. Even English fans don t fly the hungry jack…they use the cross of St.George.

  2. that’s just ONE difference between Celtic & SEVCO. Griffiths did what he did in celebration the other mob just want to kill. Sad deluded SEVCO fans


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