IF you listened to some of the Scottish press then you’d be astounded to learn Carl Starfelt has received an international call up for Sweden later this month.

Carl has been ever-present for Celtic this season and after a slow start, the Swede has really been a top performer.

However, because of his slow start and snap judgements made about his ability, there are some in the media and some of our own fans who can’t see past it.

If he makes a poor pass [as most players do in a game] or misses out on a header the same people come out to give him a hard time despite the defender doing everything else right during a game.

Starfelt and Carter-Vickers have struck up a great partnership and rarely give up many chances to their opponents.

The call-up is well deserved and we hope the Swede comes back from the international break ready to go again!


  1. He was flapping like a dying kipper on the dock again on Monday night against Dundee Utd. It’s not hard to play against Starfelt and to rattle him. Whoever brokered the deal with R Kazan should be kept off transfer business. He’s not worth 450k.

    Woeful defender.

    • McNulty, all night.

      Lucky not to give away a penalty and i’ve seen double trailered arctic’s turn quicker than him. He’s pretty much the biggest liability at the club. He doesn’t know when to jump for a header and his general positioning is criminal. His penchant for wrestling with centre forwards in the box will cost Celtic yet. I’m surprised it hasn’t up to now.


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