DEDRYK BOYATA posted a video on his Instagram doing a  muscular work session back in Scotland while his teammates are fighting for their Champions League dream in Greece.

The defender was expected to play on Saturday and then this evening against Athens to help boost Celtic’s chances of qualification – but due to a breakdown in contract negotiations, Rodgers has left him behind.

The Celtic manager making it clear during the pre-match press conference that he could not trust Boyata to give 100%.

What’s more interesting about Boyata’s post is the majority of Celtic players have blanked it.

There are a number of Celtic stars who use Instagram on a regular basis and they all like each others posts. Before the weekend, all Boyata’s posts are liked by a number of Celtic players but the video below only garnered a like from Eboue Kouassi while the rest have decided not to to.

The antics Boyata is using to get his move away from the club are obviously not impressing the bhoys in the changing room.


  1. One of the most unprofessional professionals we’ve had at the club. Him and his gutter trash agent are well suited. Good riddance.


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