SCOTT SINCLAIR has had his ups and downs at Celtic but there’s no denying the player has made an impact. Even last season when he wasn’t at his best he was among the goals and is a major reason why Celtic won the double treble under Brendan Rodgers.

As far as we’re aware, Scott signed a four-year deal back in 2016 and is with the club for another year yet but the player has an extension clause in his contract which the club can trigger for another year.

If the extension is not triggered then he would be on the last year of his deal come the summer.

However, if his Wife Helen Flanagan has anything to say about it, they might be sticking around longer.

Speaking to Glasglow Girls Club podcast and reported by the Evening Times, the actress is loving life in Glasgow with Scott and their two kids.

“I genuinely love Glasgow.

“My youngest daughter was born at the Queen Elizabeth and Matilda goes to nursery here and has a Scottish accent.

“I love the people and how friendly they are, especially the girls.

“I only buy make-up in Glasgow now because the girls on the counter are so friendly.” She added “There’s so much to do here and there is always stuff going on.

“I really love the quirkiness of the West End.”

Sinclair is on a big contract at Celtic which was sanctioned after Brendan Rodgers came into the club. The wage bill is considerably higher after the Rodgers era and it may not be up to the next manager or even Scott on where he ends up down the line.


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