CELTIC have released a statement via the press that they are currently aware of what happened in Rome last night and are supporting to the two supporters who were hospitalised.

The statement also reiterates the need to stay vigilant today in the run-up to the game with Lazio ultras likely not done trying to cause trouble.

We have reported on what’s been happening in the last 12 hours but the best first hand account came from a well-spoken Celtic fan who spoke to Clyde One this morning – read here.

For the most part, the trip so far has looked to be a great experience for the supporters who made the journey to Rome. From sightseeing to having an audience with the Pope in Vatican square!

As we get closer to the 6pm kick-off this evening, the need to be aware of the danger the Italian thugs pose is great. Hopefully last night’s problems will be the last of what’s going on.


  1. Sad news this,now (UEFA) need to send out a strong message to clubs who can not control there fans by banning them from taking part in CL or EL or there HL games or by taking points from clubs or both if proving that it was that clubs fans…..
    (UEFA) now need to print the rules with only one outcome a one rule one outcome so every club understands there is no wiggle room and no right of appeal when Proven Guilty…

  2. Hi Jackie,and do you think the green brigade would listen?, they do what they want even after warnings from the club, they have brought a lot of this on travelling fans.

  3. Lazio are hell bent on causing trouble as they still worship
    The nobody Paul gascoin
    Remember him the tin flute
    Orange Englishman
    Speedy recovery the Celts


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