CELTIC have released a statement this afternoon confirming they will be part of a multi-agency meeting to ensure the Glasgow Derby on March 21st gets played without any problems.

There has been calls for the game to be postponed due to the reckless lawless behaviour of Gers fans last weekend in which they clearly broke a stay at home order and in doing so, risked people’s health by spreading the virus further.

Celtic’s statement makes it clear today they have never mixed their messages or gave fans a reason to come out and party during a pandemic.

Something which would have been easy to do having clinched nine in a row and a historic quadruple treble.

The club reiterated that in the statement today and also delivers a clear message why there is extra security around Celtic Park after club property was damaged during Gers fans title celebrations.


Celtic FC can confirm that the Club will participate in a multi-agency meeting to discuss preparations for our match on March 21.  

The Scottish Government has already made clear to Celtic that it does not in any way associate the scenes last weekend with Celtic or our supporters. Although Celtic and our supporters are desperate to get back to Celtic Park to support the team, the Club and our supporters are of course mindful of the risks associated with public gatherings at this important time.

The Club has been clear in our messaging to our supporters of the importance of staying at home in line with applicable guidance throughout the pandemic. We have communicated regularly around our fixtures and our supporters have worked with the Club responsibly – the celebrations after our historic nine in row title triumph last summer and after our unprecedented quadruple treble Scottish Cup win in December are two key examples of that.

We will re-emphasise that message for this fixture as we have done during the season and we are sure that our supporters will work with the Club while the restrictions remain in place. 

Given the damage caused to Club property recently, the Club has already taken steps to enhance security and protection of our property at Celtic Park and the Club is happy to work with those attending the meeting to ensure that any additional protection necessary will be in place for the match in question.

Celtic FC can confirm that the Club will participate in a multi-agency meeting to discuss preparations for our match on March 21.  


There should be no doubt this game should go ahead. But given the inaction of one club in Glasgow to ask their fans to control themselves, we find ourselves at this current place.

Hopefully there will be no further problems


  1. Foul, vile, manky, dirty, thieving, cheating, malicious, violent, agressive, anti-social, sectarian, racist scumbags, and they’ve proven it time and time again. Worse than the club they’re pretending to be!
    The problem is, they’ll take this as a compliment!

    Footballs shame.


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