CELTIC have it back at the prospect of anything being done to the club or Tom Boyd for his comments on John Beaton.

The former Celtic captain had a go st the whistler for missing the most blatant hand ball you’re ever likely to see during the club’s cup game against Dunfermline.

The media have swarmed on Boyd and his comments. The same press who said very little when Steven Gerrard insisted referees were against his club. The ‘outrage’ has landed the footage on the desk of compliance officers Claire Whyte. However Celtic have said in a statement they have heard nothing from the SFA and don’t expect to considering the context and circumstances.

Celtic have released a statement as cited by FootballScotland.

“We have had absolutely no contact from the SFA in relation to this matter and, given the context and circumstances in which the comments were made, would be astonished if the matter were to be progressed,”

“If it is, then we will respond robustly.”

Celtic won 2-1 on the day in a hard fought win but Beaton did refuse to give the Bhoys a penalty which could have had a big say in the game. Given the whistler was looking straight at it, no wonder Boyd was incensed.

What are the SFA going to do? Ban Tom from commentating on the next cup game?


  1. The SFA are run by the Larkhall mob and Coatbridge Refs Assn. What more do you expect? Hampden is rotten to the core with OO and the Masons. They bleat about any reference to refs, etc. Meanwhile, the Borrowers are borrowing money and borrowing players at an unbelievable rate just to keep up with us, and do the big wigs at Hampden do anything about it….you’ve guessed….NAW! All they do is cover for the diddies they send out every game to make it as difficult for Celtic. Celtic should hire a referee from England to oversee the tits that ref our game. Wasn’t it Beaton who missed the Frankenstein monster Kent thumping Broony? Beaton, I hope your next drink chokes you. It’s all about him, he loves the attention, tw@t.


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